Shrimp Report

Test results and recommendations


In the US, shrimp is the single most popular seafood item.

Our shrimp report discusses common practices for raising or harvesting shrimp and its impacts on public health, workers, wildlife and the environment.

We also tested shrimp for bacteria, antibiotic resistance, and drug residues and share the results in our full report.

Understanding labels on shrimp

Labels can tell you a lot about how the shrimp were farmed or caught, but labels vary widely in how meaningful they are.

If you’re looking for sustainably produced or harvested shrimp, use our labels guide to help you choose wisely.

Taking Action

Our letters to the FDA

We shared our test results with the Food and Drug Administration, and asked the agency to increase testing of imported shrimp at the border, address the potential for bacterial contamination, have a zero tolerance for MRSA in shrimp, and prohibit all uses of antibiotics in shrimp production. Our letters to the FDA

Letter to FDA with Shrimp Policy Recommendations April 24 , 2015

Letter to FDA with Shrimp Test Findings April 24, 2015