Best Water Delivery Services

Reviewing the Best Water Delivery Services of 2024

Bottled water provides access to clean, safe, and tasty drinking water at all times. But keeping your bottled water stocked is another issue. And if you’re like us, you drink a lot of water. So, if you find that you run through your bottled water supply very quickly, you might enjoy the convenience of a bottled water delivery service.

A bottled water delivery service does exactly what the name implies. You set the schedule, you set the amount, and you can rely on consistent, reliable resupplies of your favourite hydration.  In this article, we’re checking out the best delivery services.

Best Water Delivery Services

Let’s get right to it. Here are our top 5 water delivery services. We’ve included plenty of variety on this list, and have included services which emphasize price, frequency of delivery, quality of water, and more.

NOTE: Check the Delivery Range

Unfortunately, these services won’t be available to everyone. You’ll have to check the delivery range offered by each service to see whether it serves your area. That being said, we’ve done our best to pick the services with the widest delivery ranges.

1. Costco


First up, we have a brand that is already quite renowned for stocking up – Costco. It should come as no surprise that Costco has you covered for your bottled water needs, and we really like this service for its convenience and affordability.

To get started, click the link above. First, enter your ZIP Code to see if the service is offered in your area. And if you’re interested, it’s an easy 2-step process.

First, you select your bottled water, along with the amount you want delivered. The advantage of buying through a wholesaler is that you get a lot of choice! You can choose from many bottled water brands & sizes sold through Costco. After that, you set a delivery schedule, and you’re done! Costco will even deliver you a water dispenser if you so require.

2. BEST OVERALL: Culligan Water Delivery


Next up, we have our top overall choice for bottled water delivery. They take the top spot because of their wide range of service options. Culligan is a trusted name in bottled water, and their delivery service is no exception. They offer services geared to both homes and offices, and it’s an easy, intuitive, and affordable process.

Culligan offers great all-around service, with multiple service offerings for extra convenience. Firstly, you can set the amount (choose from many of Culligan’s bottled water products), frequency, and time of delivery. This ensures that you will be on-premises to accept the delivery.

Culligan’s team can also handle refills and recycles of used 5-gallon jugs. If you just want to get your jugs refilled with purified water, Culligan can handle it. Alternatively, if you want them to handle recycling of your old jugs, they can handle that as well.

Culligan also offers delivery and installation of water coolers and dispensers. You can order both bottled and bottleless dispensers, and Culligan’s team will handle deliver and install them for you. On top of that, you can choose between renting and buying these products.

As you can see, it’s simply one of the most extensive service offerings out there. And because Culligan has such a wide distribution network, the costs are kept very low, and the delivery schedule can be as frequent as you require.


Next up, we have one of the biggest online water delivery services – services home and office, and provides a wide range of water delivery services. stocks a wide range of their own brand of water. You can choose bottles of different sizes and amounts, making it suitable for both home and business needs. Browse their selection, and choose an amount that’s best for you. offers a subscription service, in which the water is delivered every two weeks (subject to availability in your region). The price is very competitive with other major water delivery services.

And if you run an office, also offers delivery of breakroom snacks and supplies – such as coffee, tea, granola bars, etc. It’s an all-around solution for your office’s needs.

Overall, it’s another great service. It’s very easy to get started, and there are many bottled water options to choose from. Delivery is extremely reliable and consistent, and the price is right.

4. BEST BUDGET: Nestle Pure Life

Nestle Pure Life

Nestle Pure Life delivery services take our “best budget” option. The reason for this is quite simple – Nestle Pure Life is among the most affordable bottled water brands on the market.

Nestle Pure Life offers water delivery through their ReadyRefresh water service. You can choose between 5-gallon bottles or cases of purified water, and you can set the proper amount for your home or office.

You can choose between a recurring delivery service, or one-time restocks. It’s a convenient service that you can set to your own terms.

Compared to other water delivery services, the selection is pretty limited (only 5-gallon bottles or cases). However, it’s definitely among the cheapest options, and they even offer special discounts for first-time buyers.

5. BEST PREMIUM: Fiji Water Delivery

We’ll cap off our list with our best “premium” delivery option from Fiji Water. You’ve probably heard of, seen, or tried Fiji water. The brand is positioned as a premium offering, and this is due to the way that they source (from the islands of Fiji!) and purify their water.

FiJi Water Bottle

Fiji does offer a delivery service, but don’t expect it to be cheap. Whether you are running a business and want to impress your clientele, or simply prefer the taste of Fiji water, you might benefit from their delivery service.

The service itself is easy and intuitive. Water is delivered by the case, and you can choose from various sized bottles ranging from 330mL to 1.5L. They aren’t the traditional jugs that you use to fill a dispenser, rather personal bottles for individual consumption. Once you’ve selected a bottle size and amount, you then select a frequency of delivery, and standard delivery is free.

It’s a convenient option if you are looking to have premium water delivered right to your home or office. This is definitely an option for consumers who aren’t as price-conscious. That being said, we’ve tried to include something on our list for everyone.

Factors to Consider in Choosing a Water Delivery Service

Packed Water

In this section, we’ll help you sort through the options above and pick the best delivery service for you. Consider these factors to decide:

Size and Selection

Different companies offer more or less options when it comes to types of water, brands of water, and also size options for jugs and/or cases.

This is mainly important so you can get the exact order that you want, but also so that you have the option to switch up your order if you require different products. Normally, we would say that more selection is better, but it really only matters that the company stocks the options that you want. Find a company that has the right product offering for your home or business.

Coolers and Dispensers

Water in glass

Some companies also offer options for purchasing or renting water coolers. This is especially convenient if you want an “all-in-one” service for your water needs. These companies will deliver you a dispenser or cooler, and often will handle the installation process as well. You’ll often have the option to buy the cooler outright, or to rent it for a monthly fee.

Coolers tend to save you money in the long run because you can have water delivered in large jugs, rather than individual bottles. These are much more cost-efficient, and tend to last longer.

Delivery Location and Frequency

It goes without saying that you need to consider whether your company of choice actually delivers to your location. But another factor to consider is how frequently the company will service your home. Some companies offer a set delivery schedule (example: once every two weeks), while some companies are more flexible.

You’ll need to consider your own needs first, and then find a company that can reliably service your level of consumption. Most companies on our list are quite flexible, and you can simply adjust your order if you find you are getting too much or too little delivered.

Other Services

Many companies offer other services that may appeal to you as well. Many companies on our list also offer the option to recycle or re-use your old jugs, which saves you the trouble of dealing with it yourself. Some companies also deliver more than just water, such as snacks and coffee for your break room. See whether any of these services interest you, and pick a delivery service that best covers your full range of needs.


The price of a delivery service is mainly determined by the product you order, where you’re ordering from, and how often you are ordering. Water delivery services are often positioned as “premium” or “discount” services, with good examples being Fiji and Nestle Pure Life above. On top of this, you might also have to pay for the water cooler rental.

We think a better consideration is price vs. quality. Settle on a price range you are comfortable with, and choose the best option in that price range. This helps to simplify your decision, while also ensuring that you get exactly what you want.

Conclusion + Top Pick

Thanks for reading through our guide to the best water delivery services. We’ve attempted to include ample variety on our list. We’ve included services that focus on price, quantity, delivery frequency, and quality of water.

There’s something for everyone on our list, with our personal favorite being Culligan’s delivery service. Read through our list with your personal preferences in mind, and we are confident you can find the perfect water delivery service for your own needs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the Difference Between Purified and Distilled Water?

Basically, distilled water is one type of purified water.

Distilling water is a method of purification in which the water is boiled to remove impurities. But it’s important to note that distilling water also removes all minerals in the drinking water, including the beneficial ones (such as magnesium and calcium). Therefore, there are actually some downsides to drinking distilled water, and many water buffs prefer other methods of purification (such as reverse osmosis).