Best Solar Flood Lights of 2023 Reviewed

In this article, we’re checking out a great product for illuminating any outdoor space – the solar flood light. These lights are practical, effective, and environmentally friendly! They’re one of those rare lighting products that perform an essential task, but you can actually feel good about using.

Up next, we’re checking out the best solar flood lights on the market, so that you can make the ideal choice for your outdoor space.

1. BEST OVERALL: TBI Security Lights

TBI Security Lights

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We’ll start out with our favorite overall product, the TBI Security Lights. Simply put, these lights offer the perfect mixture of power, functionality, durability, and solar effectiveness. They’re great for a wide variety of homes and gardens. Let’s check them out:

Firstly, these lights are extremely bright. A flood light simply isn’t effective if it isn’t bright enough, and you have no worries here. These lights measure in at 216 LEDs, with up to 2200 lumens and 6500K. If you aren’t familiar with lighting terms, that’s very bright! Enough to illuminate an outdoor space with ease. In fact, they offer up to 1600 feet of coverage.

You also want your lights to offer a rotational degree of coverage. It’s not enough that they simply illuminate the area in front of them, they must be shaped to light up every nook and cranny. These lights are cleverly angled to do just that. They can be angled up to 355 degrees for almost complete coverage.

The solar battery within the unit is powerful and effective. The battery is 2200 mAh. Put the lights in full sun for maximum effectiveness.

And to top it all off, they have a motion sensor up to 40 feet. These lights are truly the full package, and affordably priced!


  • Very bright lights
  • Can be angled to illuminate different spaces
  • Powerful battery for extended use
  • Motion sensor up to 40 feet


  • May need extra equipment to install

2. Outdoor Dusk to Dawn Solar Light

Outdoor Dusk to Dawn Solar Light

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A “dusk to dawn” solar light refers to a light’s ability to power itself all night. It has a highly effective solar panel that can store enough energy in the day to power the device all night. This one does just that. It’s a simple, powerful light that is ideal for illuminating outdoor spaces.

Although it’s just one light, it’s super bright, measuring in at 5100 lumens and 100 watts. It’s ideal for patios, driveways, and more.

The light is also highly adjustable. You can control the settings with the included remote, and set them for 3, 6, or 8 hours. You can even adjust the brightness as you please.

Overall, it’s a functional, basic light for your outdoor space. It lacks the manoeuverability of many other lights on our list, but it’s ideal if you just want a stationary light for one location.


  • Super bright – 5100 lm
  • Adjustable timing and brightness
  • Dusk till dawn light
  • Easy installation


  • Quite expensive
  • Won’t illuminate as much space as other lights

3. Best Motion Sensor Light: AmeriTop Solar Lights

AmeriTop Solar LightsCheck Latest Price


Moving on, we have some solar flood lights of traditional design from AmeriTop. These lights are great, and provide all the functionality you need to light your outdoor space.

They have great brightness, at 800 lumens and 6500K. The brightness is achieved with 128 individual LED beads. This is very impressive, and you’ll find these a lot brighter than comparable lights.

They are also very durable. They’re all-weather resistant, so you don’t need to worry about placing them in any outdoor space.

They’re flexible, and capable of illuminating every nook at cranny. With 270-degree rotation, they’ll provide almost full coverage.

Finally, they’re decked out with a motion sensor that can detect up to 26 feet.


  • Very bright with 128 LED bulbs
  • 26-foot motion sensor
  • 270-degree rotation


  • Likely won’t last all night. Charging isn’t quite as efficient as some other lights


4. BEST BUDGET: Otdair Solar Security Lights

Otdair Solar Security Lights

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For our best budget pick, we have the Otdair Solar lights. They receive our “best budget” choice because they are well priced, yet highly functional. If you want a light that has ample power for the price, here’s a great choice.

Although they look similar to the AmeriTop lights, they do contain less LED bulbs (70 in total), so they’re not quite as bright. That being said, they’re still extremely serviceable – offering 5500 lumens and 8 watts of power.

They’re also fully adjustable, offering 360 degrees of coverage. There’s a built-in motion sensor which can detect up to 33 feet.

The battery is powerful (2200 mAh), and can last up to 6 hours at full power (30 hours on dim).

Overall, a great choice, and you can’t beat the price.


  • Great price
  • Bright enough for most purposes
  • Powerful battery


  • Not as bright as most lights on our list

5. Solar Street Lights

Solar Street Lights

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Here’s a unique product design. These solar flood lights are built to resemble “street lights”, shining light from above. This design minimizes the possibility of accidentally looking directly into the light, and provides comfortable lighting no matter which direction you are facing.

They’re very powerful lights, and can offer up to 1300 lumens on a full charge. They’ll last up to 10 hours on full brightness, and 20 hours on half brightness.

They can be set to motion detect, to turn on automatically when the sun goes down, or to turn on/off manually. You get full control, and there’s an included remote control to do it all from a distance.

This light even offers you the option between “cool white” and “warm white” light settings.


  • Super bright
  • Unique design for overhead lighting
  • Different light settings, brightness, and colors
  • Long life on single charge


  • May need to purchase separate mounting pole (included pole is very short)
  • Not as wide coverage as traditional flood lights

6. BEST PREMIUM: Ring Solar Floodlight

Ring Solar Floodlight

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For our top premium pick, we’re going with the Ring Solar Floodlight. Ring has become a trusted and reliable name in home security, and these lights stand up to that reputation.

They might not look like the most powerful lights, but they pack a punch. They shine up to 1200 lumens of light when motion is detected (or when operated manually).

These lights integrate fully with Ring’s security app. You can use the app to set schedules, monitor your lights, turn them on and off, and so much more. Ring’s app is designed for home security, and you might know them for their home video cameras. This floodlight is a worthy addition to Ring’s security arsenal.

The lights are also fully adjustable. Do note that these lights require the Ring Bridge to enable smart features, but it’s sold separately! This was one aspect of this product that we really didn’t like.

Check out how these lights work here:


  • Quality, bright lights
  • Integrates with Ring’s app
  • Built for mobile control and mobile security


  • Quite expensive
  • Ring Bridge is required, but sold separately

7. Gebosun 60W Solar Street Light

Gebosun 60W Solar Street Light

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Here’s another solar street light option. As you can likely tell from this product’s appearance, it means business!

This is a 60W light that produces up to 6000 lumens! That is very bright, and you can’t find lights much brighter than this. In terms of flood lights, this thing will truly flood any area that it’s positioned. It lights more space depending how high you mount it (for example: mounted at 16 feet it will light 19×32 feet).

The battery is powerful and long-lasting. It requires full sun for 8 hours to charge fully, and will last 10-12 hours on full power. That being said, you can set the brightness as you wish.

Overall, this is what you want if you’re looking for the brightest solar power light. 6000 lumens is no joke. Luckily, it has brightness settings if you find that too bright.



  • Very bright
  • Lasts up to 12 hours on a single charge
  • Illuminates a wide area
  • 2-year unlimited warranty


  • Requires pole for free-standing set-up
  • Quite expensive

8. Outdoor Solar Lights 112 LED

Outdoor Solar Lights 112 LED

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Here’s another quality option to round out our list. These are traditionally designed solar flood lights, and they have an impressive range of functionality.

This light actually has separate motion sensor modes. In “Security Mode”, it will only turn on full brightness when it detects motion. Otherwise, it will stay at 10% power. This is ideal for energy saving, while retaining security benefits.

Other than that, it’s a quality flood light. There are 224 LED lights for extra bright output, and you can easily adjust the angles for a wide range of coverage.

At this point in the list, you’re pretty familiar with this style of solar light. This is another great option for you to consider for your outdoor space.

And if you’re having trouble deciding, read on to our buyer’s guide.


  • Very bright – 224 LED lights
  • Fully adjustable
  • Impressive range of motion sensor modes


  • Can be difficult to install

Buying Guide

How Do Solar-Powered Flood Lights Work?

Solar powered flood lights use the power of solar to give you bright, functional lights for illuminating your outdoor spaces at night.

Solar panels store energy from the sun’s rays, and transfer it into usable energy to power the lights. It’s too complicated to explain the exact scientific process in full detail in this buyer’s guide. You basically just need to know that, the more sun solar panels receive, the faster and more efficiently they will charge.

Solar flood lights use this energy to power lights that are impressively capable. They store power in the day, and use that to run (in some cases) all night.

Of course, all this information leads us to one important conclusion. For best results – be sure to keep your solar flood lights in an area that gets lots of sun!

What are the Benefits of a Solar-Powered Flood Light?

You might think that the benefits of a solar-powered light are obvious. That’s mostly true, as we don’t need to tell you the benefits of illuminating a space at night. However, there are a couple other benefits that aren’t quite as obvious.

The first among these is safety. By keeping everything illuminated, thieves or criminals know that they can’t operate under the cover of darkness. They’ll know better than to mess with your home. Many lights also have motion sensors, which add the element of surprise to scare off intruders.

These lights are also valuable for a wide range of other purposes. Whether it’s taking out the trash, finding your keyhole at night, or entertaining guests, there are so many reasons for a quality floodlight in your outdoor space.

How To Choose The Best Solar Flood Lights

As you can see from our list above, there are many different floodlights with many different features. Choosing the best floodlight can be tough. We recommend you break your decision down along these key categories to make the best choice:


It goes without saying why it’s important to have a bright floodlight, but it’s not always so clear how to tell which lights are the brightest. Generally speaking, the most reliable indicator of a lights’ brightness is lumens. Light science is a little complicated, so just try to look for a light with more lumens.

Many of the lights on our list also have adjustable brightness settings. Most offer “bright” and “dim” settings, but some offer even more customization. For the ultimate in brightness customization, look for a light that has a dimmer switch.

Distance & Angle of Coverage

Raw brightness isn’t always enough to gage the amount of outputted light from a flood light. It’s also important to pay attention to the amount of space that can be illuminated. This is influenced by two important factors:

First, pay special attention to the “distance” that can be illuminated. This is usually given in feet. This is useful so that you can understand how many lights you will need to illuminate your entire space.

You also want to consider the angle of the lights. Many lights on our list include separate heads that can be adjusted. This allows a more complete, circular lighting set up, that can illuminate the space surrounding the flood light.

We recommend you measure the space you are intending to light, and compare these dimensions against the illuminating power of each light on our list.

Style of Light

Also consider the style of floodlight you want to buy. The more traditional floodlight projects outward from a source, and there are several examples on our list. This light is most often used for illuminating large spaces, and for security purposes.

But there are also other styles for different purposes. A popular style is the “street light” flood light, which projects light downward. This style provides more light on a smaller area, and you are also less likely to stare directly into it or catch significant glare. We’d consider this a better style for entertaining guests.

Consider the style of light that best works with your outdoor space.

Look of Light

As with any decision, you’ve got to consider the way things look! And if you’re prominently displaying a light on the outside of your home, you definitely want it to look good.

The lights on our list come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and designs. Some offer several color choices as well. It’s a subjective consideration, but definitely deserves your attention.

Motion Activation + Extra Features

Finally, consider any additional features offered by the floodlight’s design. Many of our lights are quite impressive in their range of functionality. Some are operated with a remote control, some with a smartphone app, and some offer several motion sensing features. Some lights even allow you to customize the “warmth” of the light.

These features all deserve consideration. You might be pretty impressed what these lights are capable of.

Conclusion + Top Pick

Thanks for reading through our guide to the best solar floodlights on the market. These lights are ideal for many practical purposes, and you can feel good about your energy efficient choice. We have given you all the tools to make the best choice for your outdoor space.

Our personal favorite lights are the TBI Security Lights.  These lights offer a very impressive balance between functionality, durability, and affordability. They’re a great “all around” choice. Read through our list to see which light is your personal favorite.