The 7 Best Fly Traps on The Market

7 Best Fly Traps of 2023

Is there anything more annoying than the incessant buzzing of a fly that you just can’t get rid of? Maybe how it can’t even seem to find the open window right next to it? In this article, we’ll be looking at the product that rectifies this common problem – the fly trap.

We’ll be reviewing the best safe, non-toxic fly traps on the market, and giving you a buyer’s guide so you can make the best choice. No harsh chemicals, just results.

Here are our picks for the best fly traps on the market. We’ve included plenty of variety in this list. We’re checking out many different product designs, of which there are a surprising amount! And best of all, they’re all safe for the environment! Let’s start with a classic choice:

1. BEST OVERALL: TBI Pro Bug Zapper

TBI Pro Bug Zapper


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Is there any more iconic choice than the classic “bug zapper”? These products are classic for a reason, because they work, and that’s why it gets our “best overall” choice.

Bug zappers are actually quite a bit more functional than they get credit for. Not only do they “zap” the bugs with their internal electric grid, but they also attract the bugs away from you. So even if the bugs don’t get zapped, they still keep out of your business!

This is a functional, versatile bug zapper. It has an extra bright, 20W UV lamp, which attracts bugs within a 2100 sq. ft. radius. And the 4200V electric grid is highly effective at zapping bugs.

Best of all, it’s a nature-friendly choice. It’s pet safe, and you’ll be taking care of flies without worrying about any chemicals, insecticides, or harsh sprays. Plus, it’s a one-time purchase, so nothing disposable here.

Cleaning is easy as well. Simply remove the tray and dump out the bugs!


  • Safe, nature-friendly choice – no harsh chemicals or sprays.
  • Highly effective – 2100 sq. ft. radius and 4200V grid.
  • Zaps and attracts bugs.
  • One-time purchase.


  • More money up front.
  • Some may find the bright light distracting.

2. FlyBuster



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Looking at a different type of functionality, we have the FlyBuster. FlyBuster advertises themselves as the most environmentally-friendly choice on the market.

Basically, the FlyBuster attracts flies to fly right inside the container. There’s a one-way lid, so once the flies enter they can’t escape. The fly bait is a safe, chemical-free solution. It’s fermented yeast and additives, which does an effective job luring the flies.

One FlyBuster will last you about 45 days, depending on how many flies frequent your area. It catches up to 40,000 flies. They also offer larger traps if you are in need of a FlyBuster for more extended use.


  • Safe, environmentally friendly bait – fermented yeast and additives.
  • Lasts about 45 days or up to 40,000 flies.
  • Easy set-up, fill with solution and set down in high-traffic area.
  • Attracts flies away from your home, campsite, etc.


  • A bit pricy considering you need to replace every 45 days.
  • Outdoor use only – the fermented yeast does not smell great!

3. RESCUE! Outdoor Fly Trap

RESCUE! Outdoor Fly Trap


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The RESCUE! outdoor fly trap represents another cool innovation in this area of pest control. It uses a water-soluble bait, and RESCUE! prides themselves in offering the safest outdoor solutions.

These fly traps are simple to set-up. Fill with water, and hang in an area that you want to attract the flies to (recommended 20 feet away from living space). The flies will be attracted to the water-soluble bait, and fly inside the trap through the one-way entrance.

Note that this one is for outdoor use only, and to be hung away from the living area.Let’s just say the bait doesn’t smell too great.


  • Highly effective – pungent bait is great at attracting flies.
  • Easy to set-up and use.
  • Made in the USA.
  • You never have to touch the bait or the flies.


  • Smelly! For outdoor use only.
  • Need to have a large yard to properly distance trap from living area.

4. DynaTrap Indoor Fly Trap

DynaTrap Indoor Fly Trap


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Most of the fly traps we’ve looked at so far are ideal for handling an outdoor fly problem. But what if your fly issue is indoors instead?

The DynaTrap Fly Trap was created for indoor use, and it uses no pesticides or chemicals. To install, plug in the trap, and the warm UV light will attract flies. The flies become stuck in the non-toxic StickyTech glue card affixed to the machine. It has up to 600 sq. ft. of coverage.

This is an ideal indoor trap because there are no harsh chemicals, smells, or even distracting lights.


  • Non-toxic and no odor.
  • 60 sq. ft. radius.
  • Highly effective – attracts flies and traps them in the glue card.
  • Easy set-up – attach glue card and plug in.


  • Will need to replace glue cards and light once either run out.
  • Relatively expensive compared to some other options.


Fly Ribbon


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Fly ribbons are tried and true fly trapping technology. To use these ribbons, simply unpack them and hang from the ceiling.

These are long, sticky ribbons that attract flies with a non-toxic bait. The flies are attracted to the smell, and become stuck on the ribbon. Each package contains 10 ribbons, so it’s quite the cost-effective solution.

These strips are definitely meant for use in areas that don’t get a lot of foot traffic (barns, garages, attics, etc.). Basically, they aren’t nice to look at, as they are long strips covered in flies, so you want to keep them out of view!


  • Very effective – many flies are drawn to the scent.
  • Cost effective – 10 strips for low price.
  • Easy to set up – simply hang from ceiling.
  • Non-toxic bait.


  • Not visually appealing, best kept out of view.
  • Requires touching the fly-covered strips to dispose.

6. Zap It Bug Zapper

Zap It Bug Zapper


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If you prefer a proactive approach, then these fly “tennis rackets” might be the thing for you.

These handheld bug zappers allow you to chase down flies and “swat” them with a big, electrically charged racket. The racket delivers 4000 volts of power to take down flies or other pesky insects. It even has a built-in LED light for night use!

It’s rechargeable, and comes with a charging cord. There is even safety mesh to prevent users from zapping themselves.

It’s another safe, environmentally-friendly solution that doesn’t rely on chemicals or pesticides at all, just the power of electricity.


  • You can chase down the flies yourself.
  • 4000 volts of power with built in LED light.
  • Fully rechargeable.
  • Safety mesh to prevent self-zaps.
  • It’s fun!


  • Relatively expensive.
  • Requires more effort than a “set it and forget it” type of trap.

7. BEST PREMIUM: Faicuk Fly Light Trap

Faicuk Fly Light Trap


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For our top “premium” pick, we’re going with the Faicuk Fly Trapper. This is an extensive, highly effective machine. You can tell just by looking at it that this trap means business.

This indoor fly trap uses the power of UV light to attract flies. It has an inner reflection which amplifies the light produced, and the result is 900 sq. ft. of coverage. The flies are drawn to the lamp, where they are trapped on special glue cards. Unlike other bright lights, it doesn’t use electricity to kill the bugs, so no more “popping” noise.

We also like that it’s designed to be a stylish lamp. You can put this around your house and people might just think it’s a cool, decorative light fixture. It’s ideal for indoor use in more ways than one.


  • Highly reflective UV light for 900 sq. ft. of coverage.
  • Ideal for indoor use – silent and aesthetically pleasing.
  • 24-month warranty.
  • Highly effective – bugs are trapped on glue cards.


  • Most expensive option on our list.
  • Glue cards do need to be replaced relatively often.

Buying Guide

Before we wrap up our article, we want to give you the tools to choose from the options above. There are so many types of traps that it can become overwhelming. Here are the factors you should consider to make the best decision:


In line with the goal of this website, we want to make sure that you make a safe choice. This is why all the products we picked are safe and effective solutions. If you choose to do more research on your own, be wary of any products that use harsh chemicals, insecticides, or pesticides. These products won’t be environmentally conscious, and they also won’t be safe for you.

Luckily, there are all sorts of safe alternatives, including all the products we mentioned above!

Radius of Effectiveness

You also want to pay careful attention to the radius of effectiveness for your trap. Typically, this radius will be marked in terms of square feet. This determines essentially how effective your trap will be.

Generally speaking, traps which utilize UV light have a larger radius, because the bugs can view it from a distance. However, these are also quite a bit more distracting, and require electricity to run.


Here’s a factor that sometimes doesn’t get considered. Simply put, there’s a reason that many fly traps advertise themselves as “outdoor only”. Non-toxic baits tend to use fermented materials that have a strong odor. They are meant to be placed away from your living space. Both to draw bugs away, but also so the scent isn’t distracting.

If you want a bug trap without a strong odor, consider electric zappers or traps which utilize sticky glue.

Product Variety

As you may have gathered from our list, there are many variants of this popular product. From electric zappers, to sticky glue surfaces, to bait traps, and more. Each of these product variants touts its own mix of functionality.

Some are more suited toward specific problems, and some are more suited toward indoor vs. outdoor use.

Your best bet is to first decide where you want to put the trap. Determine your problem area, and buy a trap that is suited for that purpose. For example, if your issue is indoor, then you won’t want a fly trap which has an odor.


And last but not least, price. Price is a valid consideration in anything you buy. For a fly trap, consider not only the up-front price, but how often you need to replace the trap. This will help you determined the value of your investment.

Conclusion and Top Pick

We hope our product reviews have helped you understand the advantages of the different traps on the market, and we hope our buyer’s guide has helped you make the proper choice for you.

Our personal favorite fly trap is the TBI Pro Bug Zapper. This is a situation where you can’t go wrong with the classics, and bug zappers are popular because they work. The UV light attracts flies from all over, and the electricity handles them with ease.

For indoor use, we recommend the Faicuk Wall Sconce. Not only is this an effective fly trap with a highly reflective UV light, it also works silently and has a very aesthetically pleasing design. It’s an expensive option, but we think it more than justifies the price tag.

Thanks again, and good luck zapping your flies away!