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April 26, 2012
The Great American Food Fight, Separate Science from the Spin

March 28, 2012, Diet Detective Interview with Consumer Reports' Food Watchdog

Jan. 5, 2012, "What if eco-friendly labels are lying? There's an app for that." Pritam Tamang.

Nov. 28, 2011, "Consumer Reports Launches Eco-Label App for iPhones," Gina-Marie Cheeseman.

October 13, 2011
Detroit Free Press, "Use natural products to brighten bathroom," Carole Feldman, Associated Press.

May 27, 2011
KQED Public Media for Northern CA, Radio Forum, "An End to 'Green-washing'?"

May 11, 2011
Hawaii News Now, CBS News Stations KGNB/KHNL, "What food labels really mean"

May 5, 2011
CBS Los Angeles, "What Do Your Meat Labels Mean?"

April 26, 2011
The Huffington Post, Azita Ardakani: Earth Year: Changing the Conversation Around Earth Day

March 17, 2011
Arginews, AgriNews: Organic Community Must Face Its Challenges

June 3, 2010
Dr. Oz, Dr. Oz Daily Health Web: BPA

April 16, 2010
The Leonard Lopate Show, Food Labels

February 5, 2010
The Leonard Lopate Show, Please explain: BPA

January 19, 2010
NBC Today Show, Concerns about BPA in plastic bottles

November 4, 2009
Good Morning America, BPA dangers in your pantry

November 3, 2009
CNN, New fuel for BPA debate

November 3, 2009
ABC World News Tonight, BPA found in 19 name brand foods

November 3, 2009
NBC Nightly News, BPA found in wide range of canned foods

September 11, 2009
The New York Times, Groups spar over certification of paper products

August 5, 2009
The Washington Times, Bad times, Good deals

June 21, 2009, American shoppers misled by greenwash, Congress told

June 12, 2009, Lawmakers: What's Green and What's Greenwash?

June 10, 2009
The New York Times, Make me greener, please

June 2, 2009, Looking beyond the 'green' label

May 29, 2009
The New York Times, Green Inc., Coming soon: A new eco-label for TVs

April 21, 2009
USA Today, Some skip commercial cleaners for those made from pantry

March 12, 2009, Do you know what’s in your cleaning products?

March 4, 2009, Suffolk County lawmakers vote to ban BPA baby bottles

March 3, 2009
The New York Times, It's organic, but does that mean it's safer?

Public Comments
April 24, 2012
Consumers Union statement on new case of mad cow disease and safety of US beef

March 25, 2011
CU testimony on "Designation of Bisphenol A as a Priority Chemical and Regulation of Bisphenol A in Children's Products, a Major Substantive Rule of the Department of Environmental Protection"

December 10, 2010
CU's Comments to FTC on Proposed Green Guides (Part 1 & 2)

March 12, 2010
Petition to FTC on organic personal care product claims

November 02, 2009
Consumers Union's letter to FDA on BPA found in canned foods

June 05, 2009
Testimony presented to the House Energy & Commerce Subcommittee on green claims

April 21, 2009
Public comments provided to the FDA on the quantitative risk and benefit assessment of commercial fish consumption

March 19, 2009
Testimony presented to the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources regarding Energy Star in the Appliance Standards Improvement Act of 2009

February 11, 2009
Letter to the USDA on food labeling standards

January 29, 2009
Letter to the EPA on volatile organic compounds in paint and indoor air quality

November 18, 2008
Public Comments provided to the National Organic Standards Board on aquaculture recommendations

September 12, 2008
Testimony presented to the FDA on the draft assessment of BPA for use in food contact applications

February 27, 2008
Public comments provided to the USDA on proposed standards for naturally raised

January 25, 2008
Public comments provided to the FTC on carbon offset marketing programs

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Here you may find out more about our experts, read press releases, see recent media coverage our work, or contact our media relations staff directly.

If you would like to request an interview with our experts, editors, and advocates, please send an e-mail to Melissa Valentino,

Latest press releases
September 27, 2012
Consumers To Trader Joe’s: Stop Selling Meat Raised on Antibiotics

September 21, 2012
Members of Congress Introduce “R.I.C.E. Act” to Limit Arsenic in Rice Following Consumer Reports Investigation

June 20, 2012
Consumer Reports releases 'Meat without Drugs' study; Consumers Union launches marketplace campaign

June 19, 2012
Consumers Union Responds to AMA’s policy position on GE foods

June 19, 2012
Consumers Union Responds to AMA’s policy position on GE foods

May 31, 2012
FDA Rejects Bid to Rename High Fructose Corn Syrup "Corn Sugar"

April 19, 2012
Consumers Union calls on OMB to let new food safety rules move forward

February 07, 2012
Consumer Groups Petition FDA to Ban GE Salmon as an Unsafe Food Additive; Groups Say Fish Couldn’t Pass Proper Review

January 27, 2012
Calls for Lower Sodium Food Grow: Consumers Union Urges FDA to Limit Sodium Levels in Food

January 19, 2012
Consumers Union Dismayed by California State Assembly's Failure to Pass Historic Labeling on First Genetically Engineered Fish

December 21, 2011
New Mercury Rules Help Lower Pollution, Save Lives

October 05, 2011
Consumers Union Heralds Historic Passage of BPA Ban in California

August 15, 2011
Consumers Union Calls on USDA to Tighten Salmonella Standard In Wake of Outbreak in Ground Turkey; Asks Congress to Give USDA Recall Authority

July 15, 2011
CPSC Announces New, Lower Limit for Lead Content in Children’s Products

July 05, 2011
More Than 100 Countries Agree to Label GM Foods: Consumer Rights Victory as US Ends Opposition to GM Labeling Guidelines

May 26, 2011
New FDA Findings on Bisphenol-A in Canned Food Heighten Concerns about Safety
Consumers Union Urges FDA to Remove BPA from Food & Beverage Containers

December 21, 2010
As Food Safety Bill Crosses Finish Line in Congress, Consumers Union Celebrates Big Victory for Consumers

August 23, 2010
Egg recall grows to over half billion; Consumers Union calls for action on food-safety bill

July 01, 2010
Consumers Union Commends California Assembly For Banning Bisphenol A

March 19, 2010
Consumers Union Commends Washington State for Banning BPA

March 12, 2010
Consumers Union and Organic Consumers Association File FTC Petition Urging Action on Deceptive ‘Organic’ Labeling Practices of Personal Care Products

January 15, 2010
Consumers Union Disappointed with FDA's Action on BPA, Despite Admission of "Some Concern"

November 30, 2009
Consumer Reports finds two-thirds of chickens tested harbor dangerous bacteria

November 02, 2009
Consumer Reports tests find wide range of Bisphenol A in canned soups, juice, and more

May 08, 2009
Consumers Union Commends Minnesota for Leadership in Banning BPA

April 02, 2009
Consumers Union Hails Landmark Enactment of Legislation Banning BPA in Suffolk County, NY

March 04, 2009
Consumers Union Hails Passage of Landmark Legislation Banning BPA in Suffolk County, NY

January 16, 2009
Consumers Union and Food & Water Watch Say New USDA Standard for So-called Naturally-Raised Meat Sanctions Unnatural Practices

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